About us

Western Chemical Industries (P) Limited, a Research Based Company has its chemical plants situated in the Industrial Town of Dombivali, near Bombay (Mumbai), State of Maharashtra, India. The company has three manufacturing Units, consisting of two Divisions viz, Pigments and Organic Chemicals.

Western maintains its standard for quality, reliability and technical support. Western emphasizes on excellence, environmentally friendly operations and safety. The manufacturing facility comprises of modern instruments backed by full fledged quality controlled laboratory / assurance.

The main thrust in Pigments is CARBAZOLE VIOLET Pigment Violet-23. The main Organic Intermediates consist of Violet-23 Crude, Cabazole Intermedites, CHLORANIL and VINYL SULFONE Intermediates.

All products are well accepted worldwide due to eminence, dependability and technical support; with batch sizes ranging from 25 kilograms up to 6 tons.

We are pre-registered with REACH.