Our premium Pigment, Carbazole Violet-23, with it's specialised grades & shades for various applications, is recognized & valued across the globe & the varying industries it supports. Western is open to customising solutions in customers application or medium, is unique & requires some adaptations. Western is confident to develop, manufacture & supply grades that suits customer needs. We look forward to taking up the challenge!

Quality - an assurance to our customers, grades of the highest class – lowest level of contamination. We pride ourselves in our ability to match your grade expectation - be it Solvent or Water-Based Inks, Decorative Paints & Coatings, Plastics (LDPE, HDPE, PE, PP & Masterbatch), Paper & Textile industries. Western has a wide range of approved grades to suit varying requirements & make sure you'll get the right grade. Whether it be transparency, viscosity, colour strength or shade, we have total control of the outcome & can incorporate customers’ specifications & needs.

Furthermore, Western offers all Pigment grades as Powder, Press Cake, Dispersion or Violet-23 Crude.