Our plants are our pride & home. Quality & safety being of utmost importance, we’ve adhered to international industry standards & have strict preventive maintenance & production schedules. Western is located in the industrial town of Dombivali in MIDC, Phase 1, about 100 km north-east of downtown Bombay (Mumbai), accessible easily by road and rail. Water and electricity are supplied by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. A Govt of India undertaking, Western has installed its own Effluent Treatment Plant, besides is also a member of the Dombivali Common Effluent Treatment Plant Association. Additionally, Western has installed a closed-circuit water treatment system & water re-cycling at Western sites.

All Western production & operation sites are provided/equipped with safety & fire proof systems.

Western production schedules consist of working for 24 hours, with rotating 8 hour-shifts, all 7 days a week.

To assure internationally competitive quality, control & minimize any possible presence of prohibited toxins as governed by all International safety agencies. Western Chemical uses only reputed best raw materials & closely monitors the entire production process to ensure safety of its personnel, which is of paramount importance to the management.