Carbazole Violet - The Master Pigment

Carbazole is used in varied industries in various forms – crude pigment, press cake, dry powder & dispersion. This pigment, in its varying forms & stages, is our prime offering and supports many producers and their processes globally. Western believes in delivering customised solutions to our customers worldwide & also undertake R&D to specifically match customers unique needs.

With decades of experience in colour chemistry and a focus on continued up-gradation of processes, our premium Pigment Carbazole Violet 23, with all its derived grades & shades, is recognised & used by various industries across the world.

Industries that use Carbazole Violet 23
For Example :

  • Ink
  • Paints, Automotive Paints & Coatings
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Decorative Paper

Whether it’s Ink, Coatings or Textiles, Plastics or Tissue Paper, our clients are our partners & Western believes in partnering in their production process.

Collaborate with Western & we'll make sure you'll get the right grade and shade. Whether it's the transparency, viscosity, colour strength or shade, we have total control of the Pigments’ outcome & can incorporate your requirements.

And if your application or medium is unique & requires some adaptations, we are confident that we can help you develop & manufacture the appropriate grade that suits your needs.


  • Commercial Name: Carbazole Violet – 23
  • Pigment Type: Carbazole Dioxazine
  • Color Index Name: Pigment Violet 23
  • Color Index No.: 51319
  • CAS No : 6358 - 30 - 1
  • Einecs No.: 228 - 767 - 9
  • General Properties : High Performance Organic Pigments with Exceptional color intensity And Tinting Strength. Excellent Light Fastness.
PigmentPowderMin 98%
CrudePowderMin 98%
Pigment Press CakeWet Cake40-45% (Solids)
Pigment DispersionDispersion10-40%

Note : All data given herein is based on tests believed to be reliable & submitted for guidance only, without Guarantee. We cannot accept responsibility for operations not under Western’s direct control & suggest before going into production, that you make your own tests, suitable to your particular application.

Aqueous & solvent inks, Paints & Coatings, Plastics, Paper & Textiles

Details Given Below :

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Note : All grades available in Reddish Bluish tones.

Sr. No CARBAZOLE Violet - 23
Liquid Inks
NC Ink PU Ink PA Ink VINYL Ink PVB Ink AQ Ink
1 1101 L L L R
2 1102 R R L L R L
3 1103 R S L L
4 1104 L R L L
5 1105 L L R L
6 1106 L L L R
7 1107 S S S S
8 1108 R L L L
9 1109 L R
10 1110 L L L R
Sr. No CARBAZOLE Violet - 23
Paints & Coatings
Ind Paints Auto Paints Decorative Paints
11 1111 R R
12 1112 L R
13 1113 L R
14 1114 R
Sr. No CARBAZOLE Violet - 23
Other Applications
Plastics Textile Paper
15 1115 R
16 1116 R R
17 1117 L L L

R : Recommended
S : Suitable
L : Limited Use
: Not Recommended

Structure :

Test Scale :

  • (5) Excellent
  • (4) Very Good
  • (3) Good
  • (2) Fair
  • (1) Poor

** Blue Wool Scale :

  • (8) Excellent
  • (I) Poor
  • (D) Darkens
Physical DataSpecific Gravity1.35 - 1.50
 Bulk Density (Kg/Lit) 0.6
 Oil Absorption (g./100g.) 30 - 50
 Light fastness*" (Full)8
Bleed Resistance DataWater5
 Mineral Turpentine4
 Linseed Oil4
 Soap Water5

Note : All data given herein is based on tests believed to be reliable and given for guidance only, without guarantee. We cannot accept responsibility for operations not under our direct control and suggest before consuming in production, you make your own tests, suitable to your specific applications.