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Care & upkeep of machinery is an undeniably important component of ensuring operational safety, timely delivery of orders, efficiency & longevity (or lifecycle/life) of your industry equipment. The Colorants used for the above purpose are termed as COOLING COLORANTS.

Our highly water-soluble Coolant fluorescent colorants are designed for Coolants for cars, leak detection and Industrial usage in closed circuits.

Listed below is the range of cooling colorants available with Western Chemical.

How it Works (why are they needed)?

Over heating causes much damage to machines if not paid heed to. To circumvent this, external cooling methods provide the needed support & care to minimise wear and tear. One popular method is to circulate cooling water in the jacket space surrounding the machinery. After a certain period of operation, the jacket or gaskets covering the lid of the cooling system start dripping due to leakage problems. To identify such leakage at an early stage, generally tracer colorants are added to the cooling medium (often water with some glycol systems), which leave behind the colour of the colorant. This not only cautions on the leakage, but also identifies the exact location of leakage by leaving behind the colour tone.

The Colorants used for above purpose are termed as COOLANT COLORANTS.


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Sr No. Property Coolant Colorants
Green  Red  Blue  Yellow
1 Powder Appearance Dark Green Dark Red Blue Yellow
2 Moisture 2-3% 2-3% 2-3% 2-3%
3 pH 8.5 – 9% 8.5 -9 % 7.5 -8% ≈8
4 Solubility in Water 30% 20% 10% 10%
5 Chlorides 0.2% max 02% max 02% max 02% max
6 Hue in water Green Fluorescence Red Fluorescence Greenish Blue Lemon Yellow